Integrity/Saskatoon Meeting May 14, 2014 CANCELLED: Invitation to Religious LGBT Support Groups Meeting on May 22

The Integrity/Saskatoon Executive has cancelled the regular monthly meeting on May 14.  Instead you are invited to an ecumenical finger-food pot luck May 22.  RSVP by May 15 as noted below.

On April 15 we sent Integrity/Saskatoon contacts a report from our April 9 meeting. The meeting expressed dismay at the persecution of LGBT people in Russia, Nigeria, Uganda, and other countries, and agreed to initiate a meeting of religious LGBT support groups in Saskatoon to discuss working together.  Following is a copy of the April 24 email of invitation sent to Anglican, United, Lutheran churches in Saskatoon who have email addresses online, and the Unitarian Congregation, and Jewish Synagog in Saskatoon. Other religious groups may also be invited as interest is determined.

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN   April 24, 2014
FROM: Integrity/Saskatoon
Dear Friends:

Integrity/Saskatoon was re-organized in 2004 and has been meeting regularly since then. Our primary aim was to ensure full and equal membership for LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual) Christians in the Anglican Church of Canada, to make marriage and ordination to ministry available in our church to all qualified applicants regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. While we still have not reached that goal, we are making progress. Some faith groups, such as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, the Unitarian Congregation of Saskatoon, and the United Church of Canada, have already met those goals. Integrity has learned from them and is encouraged by their progress; we salute them.

Despite the progress, horror stories of gay witch hunts continue to emerge from Russia, Africa, and the Middle East. Closer to home, here in Saskatoon, gay-straight alliances are still not the norm in some high schools; and bullying continues widespread. There is still much to be done; and it might be that all of us could be more effective by getting to know each other better and pooling our resources. There is something to be said for the power of numbers.

To be sure, we have different traditions, beliefs, and cultures: some of us are Christians, and some of us belong to other faith communities; some of us are theists and some of us are humanists. But we do share a common humanity which posits the promotion of social justice through equality for all before the law. Getting to know each other better, with respect for our differences, might be a good way to start.

Accordingly, Integrity-Saskatoon is inviting you to participate in a roundtable discussion, with a finger food potluck, at St. John’s Anglican Cathedral on May 22. We are in the process of preparing an agenda for the meeting; and we respectfully request your inputs to the agenda, so that all the voices are heard as we learn from each other. Further details are given below.

Jim Komar
For the Integrity/Saskatoon Executive

DATE AND TIME: Thursday 22 May, 7-9 pm.

PLACE: Parish hall, St. John’s Anglican Cathedral, 816 Spadina Crescent,  Saskatoon, ample parking; Saskatoon city busses 1, 5, etc.

RSVP BY:  Thursday 15 May, with any Agenda inputs; number of attendees; to Barb and Lynne Clay, TEL: 306-664-3278, to register.  EMAIL:  barbandlynneclay@gmail.com


FOR INFORMATION: Tom Rogers, 306-491-3315rogerstomrose@gmail.com

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