Integrity/Saskatoon Meeting, this Wednesday, 7:30pm - AND Invitation to sign letter to Anglican Archbishop regarding anit-gay laws

INTEGRITY/SASKATOON MEETING - Wednesday, March 12, 7:30 pm. St. John's Anglican Cathedral, 816 Spadina Cres. East, Saskatoon. Group for the GLBT community and friends. Includes worship open to all, followed by GLBT reflections and a social/refreshment hour. All are welcome! For Info Contact: Tom & Rose Rogers 306-491-3315, Web site: www.integritysaskatoon.blogspot.com Facebook: 'Integrity Saskatoon'.

INVITATION TO SIGN A LETTER TO THE ANGLICAN PRIMATE OF CANADA REGARDING ANTI LGBT LAWS IN RUSSIA, UGANDA, AND NIGERIA:  At the request of the Integrity/Saskatoon executive Jim Komar has prepared a letter to the Primate of the Anglican Church in Canada, Archbishop Fred Hiltz, asking him to respond publicly to the situation in these countries. We will have a copy of the letter at the Integrity/Saskatoon meeting this Wednesday. We invite you to come and sign the letter. The more signatures the more influence the letter will have.  If you want your name included but cannot attend you can REPLY to this email indicating your wish to be included and asking the Secretary of Integrity/Saskatoon, me, to sign on your behalf. Please also include your name and email address as confirmation of your identity.

We advised Bishop David Irving of the Anglican Diocese of Saskatoon of the letter and sent him a copy, to which he responded favourably as noted in the emails below. 

Tom Rogers, Secretary
Tom & Rose Rogers
1534 McKercher Drive
Saskatoon, SK., CANADA, S7H 5E1
rogerstomrose@gmail.com 306-491-3315

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Sent: Monday, March 10, 2014 10:13 AM

Dear Jim,

Thank you for your email with the letter you are sending to Archbishop Hiltz. I would like to let you know everyone has not been silent, there have been a number of us speaking out but perhaps not loud enough. After reading your letter I think for myself the next step will be to take it to the local church leaders group, which meets monthly, to ask them all to sign on. I know there may not be 100% agreement but we can work with what we get. I start a two week holiday on Wednesday but our next church leaders meeting is not until April and I will be back for that meeting.
Please thank Integrity for taking the initiative on this issue.


From: Komar/Irwin [mailto:charliesplace@sasktel.net]
Sent: March-08-14 11:23 AM
To: David Bishop Irving
Cc: Tom Rogers, Secretary; James Komar

SAT 8 MAR 2014:

There is growing concern within Integrity-Saskatoon about the plight of LGBT people in Uganda, Nigeria, and Russia.  It has been noted that protest from civil governments and international corporations is rising; but so far the Church has been silent, except for a few local churches, some of them with support from powerful fundamentalist groups in the United States, which support the persecution of gays.

At an Integrity  meeting last week, it was decided to send a letter to the Primate to bring our concerns to his attention, requesting that he respond publicly to the situation, alone or preferably in collaboration with sympathetic provinces of the worldwide Anglican Communion, through the World Council of Churches.  It was also hoped that this might encourage interdenominational protest, as this is a matter of basic human justice, and failure of the Church to respond could cloak it with the mantle of irrelevance to the modern world.

In submitting its letter to the Primate, Integrity-Saskatoon is speaking on its own behalf; it is not speaking for the diocese.  It takes sole responsibility for its actions.  Nevertheless, we feel that you, as our bishop, should be kept informed of developments.  To this end, a copy of our letter to the Primate is attached.  Should you consider it appropriate to initiate similar action within the diocese, or even interdenominationally within Saskatoon, we would of course support and assist with the task if called upon.


Jim Komar

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